If you are serious about improving your golf game and want to understand how simple golf can be, then you must spend time with Scott. His appetite for having fun and learning is contagious, so be warned, if you don’t want to have a “blast” then stay away.

Years of being around Golf pros who “tell stories” makes spending time  with Scott so enlightening as they just deal with the truth and reality of your shots. You will be amazed how many skills you have if you dare be open minded whilst in their company.

Do yourself a favour and change your golf forever after being challenged by Scott.

Paul Eales
European Tour Winner

Instinctive Golf Coaching @ Dalmahoy

“It has been my very great pleasure to have been involved with Scott Dixon for some 6 years now. He displays a passion and willingness to learn that is infectious, and understand that being a great golf coach goes way beyond understanding the technical elements of a golf swing. This is reflected in the wonderfully natural and innovative way in which he guides  pupils to grow and develop as players.

Instinctive Golf Coaching is proud to have Scott as part of its coaching team, and proud to be associated with the Marriott Dalmahoy.”

Enjoy the experience!

Kendal McWade (IGC Founder)

Having participated in the Marriott Dalmahoy Golf Resort fun days I have found them to be exceptional.  The days are fun packed and yet extremely informative.  Under the professional teachings of Scott Dixon and his staff I have become an improver golfer, made excellent contacts and found real friendships from other attendees.  These events are inspirational and I will continue to use this facility as a way forward with my golf and my business.

Grainne Crawford – Director Well Connected Life Ltd.

In June this year (2007) Scott Dixon kindly agreed to take part in an event my sports students (as part of their HND) had to organise for local school children.

The event objectives were to introduce primary school children to golf in a ‘hands on’ and interesting way with the view to encourage participation.

Scott suggested a short interactive group coaching session following an exhibition of golf trick shots.

Given the age range and numbers involved (90) Scott managed to captivate their attention with a dazzling display and interacted with the pupils in an enthusiastic and friendly manner. He has an empathy with his audience and the personality to make learning fun.

The feedback from the children was all positive and the local press ran editorials citing it as a resounding success. Undoubtedly this was only possible through the impact Scott made during his performance.

I have no doubt what-so-ever in Scott’s ability to create a fun learning environment and would highly recommend his coaching style and techniques.

Peter Smith
Lecturer in Sports Science.
Stevenson College Edinburgh

Getting to Grips with Golf at Last

After having played golf infrequently (and pretty badly) for a number of years I signed up for some one-on-one lessons at the Dalmahoy with Scott Dixon.

I have had lessons in the past but found the teaching methods employed by Scott very easy to understand and get to grips with.  Even after the first lesson there was a considerable and sustained difference to my game. Having now had a number of lessons to say there is a marked difference would be a huge understatement.  Progression is a big motivator and I am now playing and, more importantly, enjoying golf more than ever before.

Mike Irvine
Dalmahoy Golf Member

Inspiring professional offers new insights into golf techniques and attitudes. A  very entertaining course designed to heighten awareness and encourage a more positive, productive approach to practising, improving, and above all enjoying the game of golf. Great value for money.


Graeme High

Warning: Getting coached by Scott can seriously improve your enjoyment and ability on the golf course!

I used to play a game called ‘walk, swing, hit, walk’ then I met Scott who showed me that if I could be aware of what was happening with my club head then I could actually make the ball do what I wanted – I had assumed this was the preserve of wizards and other mythical beings.  Through fun games and challenges, Scott raised my awareness of the whole game and all the elements that go into enjoying the playing of golf.  Whilst a handicap remains the traditional measure of a golfers ability, for me a better measure is derived from my awareness and enjoyment of being immersed in the moment (and the simple pleasure of being on a golf course).  Scott has helped me to be more aware and in the process I have gone from a handicap of 18 to 9.

Adrian Peters

Business Development Manager