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If you are serious about improving your golf game and want to understand how simple golf can be, then you must spend time with Scott. His appetite for having fun and learning is contagious, so be warned, if you don’t want to have a “blast” then stay away.

Years of being around Golf pros who “tell stories” makes spending time with Scott so enlightening as they just deal with the truth and reality of your shots. You will be amazed how many skills you have if you dare be open minded whilst in their company.

Do yourself a favour and change your golf forever after being challenged by Scott.

Paul Eales

Paul Eales – European Tour Winner

Kendal McWade

Kendal McWade – Founder, Instinctive Golf Coaching

It has been my very great pleasure to have been involved with Scott Dixon for a number of years now. He displays a passion and willingness to learn that is infectious, and understand that being a great golf coach goes way beyond understanding the technical elements of a golf swing. This is reflected in the wonderfully natural and innovative way in which he guides pupils to grow and develop as players.

Instinctive Golf Coaching is proud to have Scott as part of its coaching team, and proud to be associated with Dalmahoy.

Enjoy the experience!

I wanted to take up golf in my retirement, but never had the courage to go out on the course. I attended Golf for Beginners and On The Course Learning and found Scott’s style together with that combination of courses, to be ideally suited to my needs.

Scott’s approach is to coach rather than to teach, encouraging the individual to develop his or her awareness and understanding of why the ball behaves as it does, so that modifications to the conditions at impact can be made to improve the outcome.

His style is encouraging, supportive and fun, and the emphasis is on enjoying the game. I now feel more confident, and thoroughly enjoy a round of golf with friends.

Douglas Reid

Douglas Reid

testimonial for scott dixon golf edinburgh

Mike Irvine – Dalmahoy Golf Member

After having played golf infrequently (and pretty badly) for a number of years I signed up for some one-on-one lessons at Dalmahoy with Scott Dixon.

I have had lessons in the past but found the teaching methods employed by Scott very easy to understand and get to grips with. Even after the first lesson there was a considerable and sustained difference to my game. Having now had a number of lessons to say there is a marked difference would be a huge understatement.

Progression is a big motivator and I am now playing and, more importantly, enjoying golf more than ever before.

In June 2007 Scott Dixon kindly agreed to take part in an event my sports students (as part of their HND) had to organise for local school children.

The event objectives were to introduce primary school children to golf in a ‘hands on’ and interesting way with the view to encourage participation.

Scott suggested a short interactive group coaching session following an exhibition of golf trick shots.
Given the age range and numbers involved (90) Scott managed to captivate their attention with a dazzling display and interacted with the pupils in an enthusiastic and friendly manner. He has an empathy with his audience and the personality to make learning fun.

The feedback from the children was all positive and the local press ran editorials citing it as a resounding success. Undoubtedly this was only possible through the impact Scott made during his performance.

I have no doubt what-so-ever in Scott’s ability to create a fun learning environment and would highly recommend his coaching style and techniques.

Pete Smith

Peter Smith – Lecturer in Sports Science, Stevenson College Edinburgh

Adrian Peters

Adrian Peters – Business Development Manager

Words are funny things, how can approaching a doing sport by using different words improve your enjoyment and performance? Scott has the absolute ability to do this; Scott’s two words that have stood the test of time for me are Clarity & Appropriateness. Scott skill lies in his desire and ability to empower every individual to more clearly understand the fundamental elements that make up their swing. He has a real knack for enabling everyone to gain their own clarity in such a fun way that it doesn’t really feel like being taught at all – how cool is that – improving and having fun at the same time. One of the areas of the game that I have struggled to achieve consistency over the years is appropriately applying the club to the task in – especially on and around the greens – Scott’s willingness to take you to the extremes of shot making so that you can more happily explore the middle ground is both exciting and refreshing.

When all is said and done, I enjoy my golf now, more than ever & that is in large measure down to Scott and his ethos and approach to coaching & life. The pure & simple joy of deciding what shot to hit, determining how you are going to apply the club and then doing it takes some beating; although it does help if the sun is out too!

Inspiring professional offers new insights into golf techniques and attitudes. A very entertaining course designed to heighten awareness and encourage a more positive, productive approach to practising, improving, and above all enjoying the game of golf.

Great value for money.


testimonial for scott dixon golf edinburgh

Graeme High

Vic Laing

Vic Laing

I have taken individual golf lessons with Scott and participated in several classes.

He is a great coach and you are learning in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. A fabulous way to improve your game and your understanding of it and to have fun doing so.

Last Wednesday I hit a par on two holes on the Dalmahoy West course. Until the start of this year I hadn’t contemplated how important that would be to me as I had never played golf.

My golfing journey has begun in earnest.

This year I have been taking lessons golf lessons with Scott Dixon the golf pro at the Dalmahoy, Scott has been extremely patient and hugely constructive with his input, firstly teaching me the game and then teaching me to play it better, and then last Wednesday even better. I’m on the course now and playing competitively after just a few months, I couldn’t have done that without Scott’s tuition, but I think I’ll keep taking some lessons with Scott, competition is competition after all and there’s always more to learn.

Crawford Boyd

Crawford Boyd

Douglas K

Douglas K

Fed up with worrying about your swing plane? Or your angle of attack? Or any other of the thousand and one swing thoughts that golf teaching delights in telling us about? If so, Scott Dixon could be the teacher for you.

This is a completely honest view of Scott’s teaching method. When I had my first lesson from Scott he asked me to meet him in the clubhouse for a coffee and a chat first. I was a bit surprised, but I discovered that the reason, as far as I could see, was so that Scott could let me know that he teaches golf in a different way from most golf pros. I had my lesson and it was indeed different from anything I’d experienced. It was an eye opener, and I signed up for another 3 lessons soon after that. Then I signed up to 10 lessons in one of Scott’s classes. It has been a fascinating experience!

Scott is passionate about his method of teaching and his thinking about the golf swing. His method is based on the premise that all human beings have certain inbuilt instincts, and we just need to rely on these in order to play golf. We need to get away from thinking about all the technical aspects that virtually every other teacher teaches. Golf in Scott’s view doesn’t have to be difficult, technical and complicated!

As someone who has always enjoyed thinking about the technical aspects of the golf swing, it was difficult for me to give up that way of thinking about golf. Indeed it’s still difficult for me not to want a nice looking swing which is technically correct – at least according to the way we’ve always thought about the swing. However, I now think that there is a huge amount in Scott’s natural golf method. He also has very interesting and passionately held views about the way to set up to the ball and the position you need to be in at impact to hit it. I won’t spoil it for him by telling you what these views are!

Scott’s basic premises about golf are, I think, unarguable. But they have been forgotten about in the age of the video camera and swing monitors. I am really looking forward to giving his methods a proper try over the coming months.

If you don’t want to get away from swing analysis, and the traditional and technical way of thinking about golf, then Scott’s teaching may not work for you. But if you want to improve (and who doesn’t) give Scott a try and I think you might find that you become converted. Having a good swing may still have its place, but there are other aspects of golf which are hugely important and which Scott will no doubt be delighted to enlighten you about.

You’ve nothing to lose but a cluttered mind!

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