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Play The Game Of Your Life

Playing the game of your life might be closer than you think, although it might mean letting go of a lot of concepts information and stories about golf and your game.

After all, thousands of books, videos and now YouTube clips have been produced to help us make sense of golf and yet it appears that in the main golfers are not improving or having a better time on the golf course.

I believe the reason for this is we are looking for the answers outside of your own experience and expecting a magic solution or the miracle tip to make it all work out.

Golf is a game of skill and my invitation to you is to start a journey of exploration to find your golf game and improve your golfing skills.

To start looking at how the golf club needs to move to direct the ball where you want and to start seeing bad shots as feedback to learn from. The grip stance and swing then emerges from this exploration and you then take ownership of your golf and your improvement.

My job as a coach is to help you along the way and guide your exploration. In turn you will start to experience that you are capable of so much more and have more ability for this game that you might think possible.

The game is difficult there is no doubt about that but it can be simple and clear and with some commitment and practice the game of your life might just be closer than you think.

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