golf lessons for beginners Edinburgh

Golf Lessons For Beginners, Edinburgh

Why not get introduced to golf in the most fun, simple and clear way possible?

Learn to play the game in a way that is aligned with your innate ability to learn and problem solve.

The game is indeed a challenge and by no means easy, but this does not mean it has to be complicated.

During your coaching session you will get clear on how the clubs work and how you need to use them to start directing the ball with intention and purpose.

Through time you will develop more skills by using your awareness and senses and feel empowered and confident to eventually go on the golf course.

The grip, stance and swing start to emerge through playing and without having to remember many complicated instructions.

It is after all just a stationary object being hit with a stick!

Learn to play individually or as part of a group.


Introduction to golf lesson, 1 hour £55

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