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About PGA Professional, Scott Dixon

Thinking back to how my golf started, it is now clear how long it really took to get any good.

I remember my first cut down set which were an old set of my dads and hitting balls in the local school field. Next was a set of my mums (her only set) and a game at the Local Municipal in Bathgate. When I say a game, I was dropped off first thing and played all day. This continued when I joined my first club and again I played a ridiculous amount of golf. What really stands out is how committed I was or maybe the word was fascinated or addicted. During summer holidays at weekends and after school I played golf till the sun set. I got good eventually; I always used to tell the story that I joined my first golf club at 13 and got my Handicapp down to 5 at the age of 16 and that was how good I was! The handicap part was true but not the complete story, I had been at the game for 4 years before this. By the time I had joined the club I had hundreds of golf games under my belt.

What became very strange was when I decided to take a year out at the age of 16 to dedicate myself to the game and try and turn pro, I got worse and my game continued to deteriorate well into my 20’s! The reason for this has become very clear and understandable. I stopped playing the game! All through my childhood I just played, and when “I got serious” I started to practice. I practiced my posture, my takeaway, top of the backswing position, you know the stuff.While all my pals were out on the course I was the dedicated one on the range “fixing my faults”!

6 years ago it all changed, my addiction was re established my passion was fuelled again. The reason? I found a coach who helped me understand how to play again. I started to hit shots rather than work on moves, I started to play by feel rather than thought and finally and most importantly I had fun, fun and more fun.

Hopefully by reading this it may resonate with some of you, hopefully you will find a way just to get out and play the game.

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