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Lessons For Experienced Golfers, Developing Your Game

It may be time for you to look at golf and your game in a different way!

Can you truly say when you hit a solid straight shot you are certain what you have done, and then when the next one goes straight right you know what you did differently.

What about the more you practice the more frustrated and annoyed you get with your golf game and in many many cases lose your ability to hit the ball where you intend.

Its seems that peoples golf games deteriorate in direct correlation to how much information they accumulate, or another way of phrasing that is the more you look for the answers outside of yourself the further you get from playing in a way that gives you a deep satisfaction and pleasure.

If you are interested in playing golf in a simple and empowering way and starting to take ownership of your own golf game and develop your own authentic technique then please get in touch.

Individual Golf Lessons

 includes an assessment during the first lesson and a committed coaching relationship to help you get what you need from the game.

1 hour        £65.00

3 x 1 hour    £165.00

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