Scott Dixon Kids Golf Coaching is Unique!

There is no doubt that kids are learning and problem solving machines!

Our job is to support this process as best we can.

If we can create the right environment where bad shots are seen as feedback instead of faults to fix.

We can then encourage exploration and creativity where skills and shot making start to appear.

We will bring to the surface the genius that lies within your child and they will become a strong confident and independent golfer.

Our Aim For Our Junior Golfers

* Develop a sense of how to learn and explore through golf games and tasks./strong>

* Become more creative and solve tasks and problems through guided exploration./strong>

* Develop a greater range of golf and life skills that will last a lifetime.

7 Years And Under Golf Classes

2.00pm Saturday afternoons.
£8 drop in.

8 Year And Over Golf Classes

3.00pm Saturday Afteroon.
£8 drop in, or free as part of the Dalmahoy Junior Membership (contact Scott for details).

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