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Brainy Golf Children’s Golf Coaching

Golf Balls always do what they are told!!!! Do you want to get better at telling them what to do?

Golf like lots of things is just another fun “problem” to solve. And at the Brainy Golf Children’s coaching we will tap into your child’s amazing innate ability to learn and work stuff out for themselves!

Brainy Golf Kids Golf Coaching is unique!

We believe kids should learn golf simply and naturally……through play, creativity and exploration! In fact no different to how we learned to walk, talk, throw and catch!

We will provide the tools, the environment and the support to let the magic of your child shine through.

Brainy Golf Kids Coaching has evolved over the last 15 years at the Dalmahoy Hotel and continue to grow in numbers each year.

The objective of the coaching is for the children to play to learn and develop the skills necessary to become better golfers and better people.

Our aim is to complement new golf skills with new life skills……and improve the children’s ability to concentrate, learn and problem solve.

The Dalmahoy Hotel provides the perfect back drop and venue for the coaching.

Brainy Golf Golf coaching will use unique games to increase the fun and speed of learning. On the range we have Dennis the menace, bull’s-eye and “American Presidents” targets to make the practice both interesting and educational.

The daily challenges the kids will face range from golf to juggling…..each aspect carefully designed to develop problem solving skills and improve concentration.

Dalmahoy have created the perfect learning environment, and Brainy Golf’s simple and effective coaching philosophy compliments it perfectly. Moving golf coaching away from “how to” instruction, and guiding it towards exploration, discovery and fun!

Brainy Golf also is committed to supporting and growing parent child play and interaction. Brainy Golf always invites the parents to explore golf in the same manner as their child does and is always welcome to stay and take part in the coaching sessions

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