Young at Heart

For me this summer has been all about children and more specifically golf summer camps.

I am writing this whilst half way through the summers final class with 14 kids of varying skills and experience. This is our 5th week and I thought I would share some discoveries we have learned coaching the kids with a hope that this may spark a change in your own game.

Golf missions, speed golf, impossible putting and golf rounders are a few of the challenges and games we set up for the kids over the term. Our hope was that by playing games and having fun we would turn them into golfers and start them on their golfing journeys.

It may come as no surprise to you with around 40 hours of golf and the perfect ability to learn the kids did indeed improve, with many making massive breakthroughs.  What was really amazing was how little information we had to give them to do so.

There was no need to give the kids a lot of technical detail about how to swing or to inform where to stand,   how to hold or indeed where to look.

Day after day what we witnessed was their technique and skills developing and reacting to the missions and games they played.

What became really apparent is their amazing ability to learn from their own experiences.

The new way of approaching golf coaching is about drawing out and not filling up, about creating an environment where true learning can take place and taking charge of our own development.

Now the good news is studies have shown we all can learn just as fast as kids if not quicker, but here is what we must do.
1.    Become more child-like, play games, have fun and judge less.
2.    Deal with the reality of what is going on. The ball does what it is told, the club face tells it what to do and keeping your head down does not improve your golf game.
3.    Every shot must have a purpose. Task does lead technique and golf is not a game of swings but a game of shots.

The things in life we learn that stay with us forever are never taught, we didn’t get told how to walk, ride a bike, catch a ball or throw anything.

We learned them by falling, dropping, by playing games and having fun.

Golf is no different.

I wish you well.