Nick Faldo or Jack Nicklaus?

Belt Buckle or Club Head?! Stories or Reality – what’s important?

This is a transcript of a conversation between Jack Nicklaus and Nick Faldo discussing Tiger Woods during the first round of the 2010 Memorial Tournament on the Golf Channel.

Nick and Jack were in the commentary both watching Tiger’s first round, when Nick asks Jack how long it would take to “fix” Tiger’s swing?
(I didn’t know it was broken)

Jack: Tiger is such a good athlete it would take ten minutes.

Nick: I agree, if you just put him in the right plane position on the backswing ,the club, we all feel, pointing a little more on line at the top and you know, work out how to unwind it coming down, maintain your level, get your belt buckle through, cover the ball and learn how to release it.

Jack: Well in my opinion Nick, I believe the golf game is played, and everybody’s swing is different, I think the golf game is played with club head and you got to think in terms of what the clubhead does throughout the golf swing. And if you think in terms of the clubhead does you can make your body do what you want.

Nick: Yeah Exactly

Jack: And he’s not doing that right now he’s trying to do his body and make his clubhead follow.

Nick: If you understand the arc of the golf swing then put and let the body help get out the way

Jack: The amazing part of it is that he is going to shoot 68/69.

How many golfers would go to the range and try put into practice the words of the six time major winner Nick Faldo. Or would there be some out there discerning enough to take Jack’s words for it.

I’m not sure Nick understands how difficult he’s making the game sound.
Why do we need to know all this stuff?
Listen to Jack!

Written By Paul Eales