Mike Hebron

I have just returned from London and a golf coaching seminar held by a well renowned golf coach called Mike Hebron. Mr Hebron was voted number 1 coach in the USA in 1991 and had long list of top touring players as clients. What happened next was what was truly remarkable. Despite all his success he felt he was no longer making a difference to people golf games and he completely changed his coaching style. He went from a very technical fault finding approach to learning through self discovery style.
Over the last 20 years he has studied how humans learn, what is happening in the brain when we learn and how can we apply this to golf.

I would like to share some of his top tips and let’s see how they can be applied to your game.

Understand the equipment.

First of all he talked at length on how the equipment works as well as how it interacts with the ball. He showed many pictures of the equipment as well as impact pictures. Please take a look at the web site below.

Click here and take a look how golf clubs interact with golf balls.

First of all you will notice how the ball spins and also which part of the club face strikes the ball.
It is imperative that you have clarity on how the club works and realise that the angle on the face provides the lift. Your job is to simply provide the force and the direction and let the loft do the work that it is designed for.

Find your way

He also showed many extraordinary clips of golfers with limbs missing. A one armed golfer , a one legged golf and one man who had no forearms who still teed his ball up and hit it over 200 yards.
His point being that none of these players were taught how to play, there were no books available to them on technique and maybe this game is not as difficult as it looks!

The conclusions I took from The Mike Hebron seminar were that golf is a journey and for you to improve you have to get on the path of self learning.
This requires commitment, exploration and some time. Gain clarity on how the clubs work, understand how you should apply the club and then learn from you experiences.
Good Luck and I look forward to hearing from you.
P.S Please check out www.mikehebron.com