Danny MacAskill – “Way Back Home”

A good freind sent me this after looking at my site.
It shows a Scotsman with an amazing ability with a bike.
How much information would Danny have needed to perform all these amazing stunts?
Slow motion video coaching?
3D body suit?
How about thinking about keeping his head still?

Danny learned all this stuff himself with no teaching or coaching.

How much information do you really need to develop your golf game?

Would you like to develop your skills in a fun and amazing environment?

Manuel De Los Santos

This inspiring clip really does prove what can be done when the going gets tough.
Manuel was veiwed all over the world last year when he played in the Dunhill Links Championship.
Marvel at his power, control and skill.
Why not for a bit of fun try it out for yourself!

The ball does not know how still your head is or how much you are looking at it!
The ball does not care if you have a slow swing or where the club is at the top of the backswing!
The ball can’t feel………………………………………..fill in the blank!